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Welcome to Spiritual Books For Children

We are a children’s book company that embraces spirituality and is embodied by supporting teachers, educators, parents and visionaries.

We truly believe that every child is special and has a uniqueness to them that needs to be celebrated, nurtured and cherished.

Our goal through our educational platform is to empower, motivate and support this new, beautiful energy that’s coming into the world, through products that provide information that not only resonate with our readers, but transmits wisdom and knowledge.

We are dedicated to bringing relevant information to our readers and encourage them to live from a place of true essence and authenticity.

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By providing children with the tools to explore their spiritual curiosity, it enables them to enrich and deepen their experiences throughout all developmental stages, while creating a lifelong infrastructure for spiritual living and being.

Children's Books

About the Author

Claudia Feuerstake is a children’s book author and creates resources and curriculums for teachers and educators.

She is passionate about providing the new generation of children with positive, enlightening tools for spiritual development, self-care and deeper connection. 

With over 30 years of experience as spiritual coach, healer, speaker and mentor, along with a Degree in Psychology, she is highly experienced in providing both children and adults with the powerful tools to self-connection and personal development.

My wish is for children to have better learning tools to develop their spiritual growth and self-connection, so that’s what I’ve spent years of my life dedicated to."

Developing Children’s Spiritual Intelligence
Through Fun, Positive Activities

Our downloadable gifts of love make it easy to spend time with your little ones and share the world of spirituality and imagination, while learning about self-love, mindfulness and connection.

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Magic Cards

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Cultivating Connection Through
A Place Of Transparency and Authenticity

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New Generation “The Eventuals”

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Empower Your Child’s Connection to Self

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Let Children Struggle to Find Their Way

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