About the Author

Claudia Feuerstake is a children’s book author and also creates resources and curriculums for teachers and educators.

She is passionate about providing the new generation of children with positive, enlightening tools for spiritual development, self-care and deeper connection.

With over 30 years of experience as spiritual coach, healer, speaker and mentor, along with a Degree in Psychology, she is highly experienced in providing both children and adults with the powerful tools for self-connection and personal development.

Her newest book “My Unique Self” is being launched September 22nd, 2022, with plans to publish two more children’s books by early 2023.

With all her accomplishments and accreditations, her proudest moment was the birth of her son Jenson on March 1st, 2016.

Claudia is a proud Canadian and lives with her family that includes three cocker spaniels, Sophie, Mini & Madison.

My wish is for children to have better learning tools to develop their spiritual growth and self-connection, so that’s what I’ve spent years of my life dedicated to."

Fun Facts About Claudia

I still have books that I wrote when I was 5.

I have a twin brother, who is so artistic and an amazing dad.

My older sister is my rock, she is Anna and I’m Elsa

I have been using angel cards and meditating since I was 15.

Life led me to my destiny as a spiritual teacher and author and I’m blessed for that

I am in my element and divine power when I am speaking and writing.

I am an extrovert and just adore being around children.

It truly does feel like a dream come true, reading my book to Jenson.

"My soul's desire is to get children to see their own inner light and power."

A Note From The Author

“I am absolutely thrilled to share my book with parents, educators and children.

Empowering children through this journey called life is an honour.

Every child that crosses my path and reads my books, I hope feels embraced and loved for who they are and are able to create a strong inner awareness for themselves.

I feel that children need access to my book as they have no idea that a guide like this even exists. When coupled with the educational guide, it enhances the story and provides children with the opportunity to comprehend the deeper meanings of life, how to get to know themselves better and how enriching spirituality can be, which will truly empower children.

Teachers, educators, and parents are pivotal in the development and the knowledge children hold. They carry this power, privilege and distinction.

As a spiritual author, mother and as someone who has spent my entire life immersed in personal development work, empowering children has been at the core of my being, for as long as I can remember.

I am here to provide this information to children. That is my purpose.”

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