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My Unique Self

by Claudia Feuerstake

About the Book

This 95-page, illustrated Children’s book follows the magical, spiritual journey of a girl named Priya, who learns all about her energy and how to embrace that individuality and uniqueness.

She comes to realize from her spirit guides, Cornelia, an energetic fairy, and Louis, a fierce and loyal dragon, that with the right mindset and tools, she can celebrate her uniqueness, authenticity and live her life to the fullest.

Join her as she explores the powerful concepts of energy, mindfulness, confidence and kindness, while discovering how every child is special and exceptional, and how they too, can discover their beautiful light energy that is ready to be shared with the world.

This book is loved by children because it celebrates their differences and sends a beautiful message of self-acceptance and spiritual development.

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What’s Included:

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What’s Your Uniqueness

Teaching children about celebrating their uniqueness and practicing that powerful self-love helps them to challenge negative thoughts, encourages self-reflection and inspires them to express their individuality.

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My Unique Self

by Claudia Feuerstake