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Available October 27, 2022

Available December 1, 2022

Available November 10, 2022

Available November 24, 2022

My Unique Spiritual Spelling Book For Children book cover

My Unique Spiritual Spelling Book For Children


Help your child enhance their writing skills, expand their penmanship abilities and develop their print handwriting in a fun and unique way.

Setting kids up for success by helping them develop their comprehensive skill building in the alphabet, fine motor skills and line tracing, My Unique Spiritual Spelling Book For Children keeps children engaged, learning and continuing to build up their communication abilities. 

This practice book has over 136 pages that take kids through basic letter tracing, word recognition and helps boost their reading capabilities. 

Filled with practice pages, along with daily check-ins on emotional well being, goal tracking, to-do lists and note taking, this pencil-on- paper activity book offers uppercase and lowercase repetition, to keep them practicing.

Available October 27th 2022

My Unique Spiritual Coloring Book For Children


Daily prompts for self-reflection, goal tracking, creative white space and a to-do list tracker is just part of this 63-page spiritual coloring book for children.

This beautiful activity book is designed to fill your child’s mind with positivity, while giving them focused moments to connect to themselves and their emotions.

A perfect activity to bring calm and peace forward in a fun and effective way, these pages are filled with hand-designed illustrations of the characters from “My Unique Self” book, alongside drawings that provoke and creativity thought for children to fill in themselves. 

A motivational and inspirational coloring book that helps children connect to their own unique energy, express their emotion and let their heart guide them.

Available December 1st 2022

My Unique 28 Day Spiritual Exercises For Children - Cover
My Unique 28 Day Spiritual Exercises For Children - Cover

My Unique 28 Day Spiritual Exercises for Children


These 28 self-guided activities provide hours of learning and reflection through a selection of empowering and interactive exercises that promote mindfulness and strengthen the connection to their inner-self. 

This children’s activities book is a guide filled with fun, playful exercises, self-centered projects and solo adventures, to help manage emotions, cultivate spiritual awareness and develop a more mindful daily practice for children. 

Combining outdoor and indoor activities with the heavy reliance on trusting intuition and allowing the heart to be their guide, these 28 activities present the space and time for your child to connect to self and foster personal growth. 

These easy, simple spiritual activities are safe, enjoyable and help them on their journey of growing up and navigating their way through different emotions, as well as reflect on the things that matter in life.

Available November 10th 2022

My Unique 28 Day Gratitude Journal For Children


Provide your children with a positive daily habit that pushes them to express gratitude while boosting their ability to learn, make good choices and help them grow to be happier people.

This 28 day gratitude journal is geared towards helping children learn how to practice appreciation, reflect on the blessings they have in their home and family life, as well improve their levels of happiness and gratitude. 

With motivational quotes lining the pages, these thought-provoking questions prompt children to see the world from a different lens of appreciation, abundance and of course, gratitude. 

Each day provides writing exercises that not only help them develop their handwriting skills but also strengthens their psychological health, by gearing it towards focusing on the blessings they have, instilling positive emotions and touch base and connect with their feelings. 

More than just a journal, this positive habit forming activity provides daily moments of deep reflection, self-connection and increases their trust in intuition and self.

Available November 24th 2022

My Unique 28 Day Gratitude Journal For Children - Cover