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Focus on What is Going Right

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right. 

No matter what, something is going to go wrong. 

It always does.

 Like on someone’s wedding day and the power goes out at the venue, on a vacation the luggage is lost, or even on graduation day you trip walking up the stairs. 

But aren’t all of those accomplishments and experiences worth every single hiccup. 

At the end of the day, we want everything to go right, we want perfection but that is not real. 

Would you prefer to live in an illusion or the reality of what is and lose the disappointment, suffering and struggle? 

If you are aware of this illusion, the struggle diminishes. And the big mistake is, people make safe choices because just in case something goes wrong. 

But things are going to go wrong anyway and it’s usually never what you think or expect. 

Transformation and raising our vibration is why we are here, why every experience we have is to either bring us joy or to teach us something. And, we all know that there is a duality to life, there is positive and negative, up and down, black and white. 

Everyone one has had ups and downs, that is how life goes, it is not a newsflash. So, instead of focusing on the things that could go wrong, shift your focus to all the things that are going to go right, because things do go right, you just need to focus on them. 

Set your sights on the positive even with the negative there. Get out of your comfort zone, consciously choose what brings you the most excitement and joy and what fills your heart with love, and start enjoying life even when shit goes down because none of what goes wrong even matters.

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