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Empower Your Child’s Connection to Self

Here are my thoughts on how you as a parent or teacher can empower children to connect to their unique self. 

For the record, I am not saying you must let go of your rules, boundaries, limitations, morals or ethics, that is far from the truth. 

No one wants lazy entitled children that think they deserve everything, but you do want children to be able to connect to their inner light, which is where CREATION exists. 

So, when children are in creative mode, that is their light shining through, it is their personality, their drive, their essence, their expression, their vibe that you want to allow the flow of. Everything else you want to parent…for sure. 

Here are 5 ways to support your child’s connection to their inner light. 

  1. POWER: Hand the power over to the children, let them lead the way. As parents and teachers, we often forget how intuitive children really are, they come in and are born with this, nurture that. So, let your child lead, listen to their cues, accommodate what they say they need and how they need it. 
  2. ALLOW: Provide children the opportunity to explore, express and be who they are, you never know why your child is here on earth, so if they are meant to be a pilot and they are drawn to all thing’s planes, allow that. 
  3. DROP: The chatter of judgment and disapproval of any kind. Children pick up on everything. So, if kids get even a glimpse of disapproval, they will subconsciously take it on board. How many times have you heard a 45-year-old say,” I wanted to do this as a child and never did”? Drop the judgment, be neutral about things, let the child decide what resonates better for them. 
  4. PRAISE: Let them know you are there for them and applaud them for their efforts not results, this is very important. Positive reinforcement will help your child stay connected to the flow of their light energy, a major factor in a child’s success is the positive involvement of a parent or teacher, keep that in mind.
  5. CURIOSITY: Ask inquisitive questions. When your child starts speaking about something you may not understand, or in what sounds to be a different language, or new words or names, ask questions, write it down. Allow that dialogue to flow, come from a place of curiosity, without pressing or pushing for more. Make them feel like you are genuinely interested in what they have to say, this will continue to allow your child to connect with their energy. Even though it may not make sense, still do it. 

Now these are just guidelines, you obviously know your child the best, and may have to adapt accordingly, but, after working with children my entire life and raising my own child, I have seen results using these techniques.

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