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New Generation “The Eventuals”

There is a new generation of enlightened children coming into this world and we need to support them. 

They are a specific energetic group known as the “Eventuals” and are associated with the heart chakra and connect with the green gemstone Tsavorite. 

Arch Angel Metatron works closely with this group as they are here to change life on earth and exist like no other human has. 

They know the greater mysteries of the universe and see being on earth as a video game. 

The most identifiable aspect of these children is that they will just know things, words will come out of their mouths and they may not even know why until they are a little older. They are also highly affected by energy and will feel the slightest changes around them. 

Mothers who birth these children can have hard pregnancies because their vibration is so high that the mothers body needs to accommodate it which can be uncomfortable. 

The majority of these children will be born around 2020, and then continue through until 2040. 

Their knowledge and wisdom will be infinite. They are spirited, sensitive, strong willed, determined, have big eyes, a sweetness and softness to them but also an unwavering sense of fierceness and courage. They will also talk a lot but need time alone to be quiet. 

These children are filled with new information and skills we have never seen before on earth, they will know how to fix things and create things, they will be good at math, science and know how to communicate telepathically and converse with animals.

They will know things about the universe, other civilizations, galaxies and information about our world and its people that have never been revealed or even discussed. 

They will know the true meaning behind energy and light sources, how to raise your vibration and how to travel to many dimensions. Their intuition and knowingness will be powerful beyond measure, they will know how to address global corruption, how to unite people and even heal with just one word. 

They are here to create peace on earth and move the next generation of children and adults to levels that have never existed here on the planet, okay, never existed here for a very, very long time.

 They are coming to build a new earth. Things on earth will be changing in drastic ways and over the next two decades many infrastructures on earth will crumble to the ground whilst simultaneously being built up in ethical and harmonious ways. 

As all things in life, there is always a shadow side, but I can promise you in the end, the light will win this time around. 

As parents and educators, we need to allow the new generation of children to be who they are, so they do not dim their connection to their light energy, from their uniqueness, from source, from God. 

We also need to protect them from people that will not understand them or their spiritual abilities. It is my duty as a light warrior and truth seeker to offer my version of empowerment and support for them, this is why I am here, it is something I have known my entire life and I am honoured to do it.

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