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Trauma and Energy

One of my favourite sayings is, religion tells you how to have a relationship with God whereas spirituality allows you to create a relationship with God. 

Now for me, I personally believe that everyone’s inner light or energy is God. 

I believe we are all part of a massive source of energy that exists in all of us, YES, every single human being on earth and beyond…so you too are in fact God. 

And this energy flows through us and expresses itself uniquely. 

We are not meant to be the same, we are meant to be different. We are all unique. And the source of that comes from God itself. It just moves through us. 

The magic lies in not stopping or blocking the flow of this great energy. Unfortunately, we all go through life with hardships and trauma. 

If this occurs during childhood, then it can have lasting effects on you as you experience life. Childhood trauma could be a scary, dangerous, violent or a life threatening event. 

A child’s impact is directly affected by how they interpret the trauma, but nonetheless, we all know that there is something that we have gone through in life that has left us shaken to the core. 

All of this causes separation to the source of energy known as God. There is not only a separation, but an energetic block that occurs which hinders this energy to flow through your body. 

So we lose our faith, confidence and a sense of who we are and gain fear, pain and distrust. As a result we are no longer in alignment with source energy and no longer in alignment with God. Now that doesn’t sound too good now does it? 

But, what if I told you that this is all part of the plan. That we are all meant to go through this process. To come to earth as a human, to be this amazing little light being who is filled with unconditional love, then we block the knowingness of who we are by the wonderful assistance of trauma, only to experience the wonders of spirituality to find ourselves again. 

I know, this sounds so silly, and I myself have asked this question several times…”what is the whole point anyway?” Well, I have the answer, the whole point of this is to raise our vibration. OK, there are other reasons too, but we must raise our vibration and connect to love and joy, the highest vibration of all. Whilst we do that, we remove the blocks and allow the flow of source energy to express itself through us again. 

It’s this repeated cycle that just keeps going higher and higher. But, in order for us to do that, we need a platform for us to heal our emotional scars and traumas which I call spirituality. We can enter into a safe place that allows us to explore our traumas and heal them. 

Now what I love about spirituality is that it doesn’t matter in what way you heal, but that you participate in an experience that resonates with you. You could be drawn to meditation, drumming, chanting, plant medicine or even religion, it doesn’t matter, you choose a way to remove the blocks to allow the flow of God through you. 

These experiences are opportunities to target the blocked energy, feel it, then release it to the universe for transmutation. Which will lift your spirit, get you feeling lighter and more like yourself. But it doesn’t stop there, even when you have worked through your trauma or shadow side, which we all have I might add, you can still use spirituality to connect and maintain your relation with God. 

It is a powerful practice and one that is transformative to how you experience life.

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